Chai is synonymous with and has a ubiquitous presence in India. The British love for tea and afternoon snacks (aka tiffin) helped cement that reputation.
I was fortunate to have grown up with that experience and only when I moved to the US did I realize how hard it was to get good chai.
As time went by I felt that I had to do something to solve this issue. I started researching and experimenting and after several iterations the recipe began taking shape.
I would throw parties at my place where I would serve chai to my friends. One of my friends took a liking to the chai and suggested that I make a business out of it.  Thus was born Tasty ChaiTM in December 2009 in Seattle.
Our chai is made using the finest quality tea from Assam and Darjeeling and intensely aromatic spices from the foothills of the Nilgiris.
In December 2016 Tasty ChaiTM relocated to sunny San Diego and has been a fixture of the town ever since. Do drop by our stall at the following Farmers Market locations.